Helping Yourself

While I don’t condone drugs, under the circumstances with the right conditions, you sometimes need what I’d like to refer to as happy pills. No these are not what you think, rather they’re prescribed anti-depressants or anti-anxiety tablets; my only objection against this is that they place a temporary lid on the pot of issues, they don’t manage them and they certainly don’t teach you how to deal.

I recently met someone who shared the following quote by a Nobel laureate. It really got to me because while we may not believe it, as we trudge along our baggage of insecurities, the only one holding ourselves back is truly ourselves.


I’m a great proponent of therapy, I don’t think they’re fluffy, they teach you basic coping mechanisms which help you in your daily life, for someone like me who at times can’t function as the anxious bundle that I become, you need these life lessons to be able to live. For some whose level of anxiety and panic is limited to exams or teenage relationship issues (no judgement whatsoever), you may not understand the darkness that envelopes you and the level of self loathing that comes with it. For those who do understand or are struggling to find a way, just read through some of the ways you can deal, trust me these are tried and tested, I am in no way claiming that I’ve healed, but without them I assure you life is much more miserable.



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