ifmq3djsFor most people, the weekend is this amazing mini vacation where they get to go out, network, party or simply wind down. Unfortunately this isn’t the case for everyone, for these people the weekend isn’t all fun and games; instead of having all this free time to relax, we have all this free time to think. Think about what we did, think about what we could have done, think about what we should do or just think about why things are the way they are. Captivated by your own mind, without anything to do, you feel stuck and paralysed. The weekend gives you this expectation that things will be different, that you’ll suddenly escape from your monotonous life and have the best time of your life over these two days. This might seem grand and ridiculous, but it’s true, you look forward to the end of the week thinking of all the amazing things you could do or places you could see, but slowly as the days creep by and you get closer to Friday you suddenly realise that nothing changed. Anxiety levels rise and you feel uber lame as it hits you that it’s going to be you and your bed, doing the same boring thing as always – nothing. If you think the water wasn’t deep enough, the clock strikes twelve and it’s officially Saturday. That’s when the depression begins to suck you in like deep sand. You want with all your heart to go out, meet people, do something exciting, but you don’t want to do anything alone, so you become vile and bitter – you hate yourself and you wish you weren’t this scarred person. The days goes by, by now you’ve already second guessed yourself a million times, shred every thought in your mind more times than you can count and possibly even cried your eyes out. Fortunately slumber takes over Sunday night, and you and your sleep deprived self are back to work Monday morning where you tell yourself it’s okay to not do anything because it’s a work week or a school week, so you try to not feel bad about having no life, after all thank God it’s not Friday. But as depressed as you may be, you’re still human and to hope is inherent, so you restart the cycle of having these high flying expectations from the weekend to come and how life will suddenly pivot for you, until of course, it’s Friday and we’re back to square one.

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