Hi! Let’s start by calling me Ana (yes that isn’t my real name, it is however definitely my Starbucks name), I’m a desi girl brought up in two countries so I’ve basically seen the good and the bad in two extremely contrasting cultures. Like many others out there, I’ve been through a lot and it’s shaped me into the person I am, while I don’t resent myself (for most of the times), I do wish there were times where someone had stopped me from doing something or told me to not embark on a particular path and convinced me that at the end of the day it’ll be okay. Coming from a Pakistani society I know how it is, it’s so difficult being a girl (although lately I’ve noticed some of my male friends facing similar issues), whether it’s the sky rocketing pressure of the whole shaadi fiasco, the ever green eye of your distant relatives, the need to look pretty and impress, the ultimate parhai and job dreams, the endless effort to fit in especially if you have friends from different spheres of life and of course the struggle to find yourself while living life in an Asian family. This blog is just a way to vent and help everyone make sense of the candy floss that is our mind while dealing with real issues, even those that aren’t visible to the outside.


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